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Hiya, I play Dragon Saga and I'm the east coast.

I only lag when my family members start streaming or torrenting stuff, so it might be your comp. Tbh, I don't think you need gamebooster for a game like Dragon Saga, so you can try cleaning your comp with something like CCleaner, defragment, and virus scan and then see if it gets better. Graphics card is important too. Also try to turn all the graphics option to lowest since the game starts off with everything on max.

You could try adding Dragon Saga as an exception to your firewall as well. Other than those tips, I don't know. xD

If you're looking for other action-based games, you can look into Elsword or Grand Chase, though they are 2D, as opposed to 2.5D. Rusty Hearts and Dungeon Fighter Online look alright too but I haven't played those much.
And if you don't mind using the mouse to attack, you can try Dragon Nest and Vindictus.

I'm sure other people will have more suggestions, as these are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head.