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Default What'd I miss?

Hi all,

After spending hours finding my old account info, I finally came back from about a half year-full year break from Lunia and after reading a couple of posts, I've noticed that people are saying that Lunia has become 'dead'.

I logged on and noticed quite a few additions to when I left. I'm just wondering if someone can sum up what has happened in the past few months-year, because I'm completely lost. The last thing I remember that came out right before I quit, was the level 70 cash items.

Ohh, speaking of cash items and such, I'm wondering if any of my old cash items are worth anything now; I still have a lot of level 0, 45, and 70 cash items (not really planning to sell, but I just wanna know if they've inflated )... stuff like White Dance Hall, Bikinis, Guardian Angel, Angel Soldier, Blue Kimono, etc.

Andd, if anyone still plays, I'm looking for some company, because the guild that I made back then is completely dead (even though it got to level 9 ).

Thanks in advance!