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Originally Posted by flashfinish
So just because I don't have seething hate for OGP means I'm defending it?

and My above post has nothing to do with OGP he's just factually wrong.
I didn't even know Geum was originally Carat.
Blackout was originally supposed to be Carat as well but they turned it into Astros-only and you know how many people bought the crap of that OP POS. Not to mention key items/clothes/accessories that were originally not cash-exclusive.

I'm not going to get into this more than I already have.

Anybody who hasn't first-hand witnessed or experienced something for themselves should never be allowed to form an opinion on said thing.

I don't dislike OGP for no reason. Just like you and Belmont have reasons to join the forums within less than 24 hours apart and reinforce each other's points and be the token naysayers in the hot topic regarding TW server and OGP.