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Default [Announcement] Transition of ijji's account

Hello, fans of Lunia

As merged with Aeria games, Lunia will become a standalone game service provider. Unlikely other, Lunia decides to build up own membership and billing solution as well.

For this reason, transition of ijji's account is required to play Lunia in near future.

Currently, there isn't fixed date of it now. However, we are targeting at the end of March, 2012. Once we fixed the date with, we will notify it through another user announcement.

With today's announcement, we like to introduce general process of account migration as well as general policy with G coin transfer.

Please make sure that you need to exchange Gcoin into Lcoin before you start account migration. To help it easy, "Add LuniaCoin" page is updated. From today, smallest amount of Gcoin you can exchange into Lcoin is 1.

1. What is account migration?

Ownership of has been changed from NHN USA to Aeria Games. Eventually website and all related services will be closed down. In order to protect account and users' game data, there will be a set of time to transit ijji's account onto new environment. We like to call it as " account migration".

Lunia will not be transferred onto Aeria Game environment. Lunia will build our own standalone service platform including our own membership and billing solution.

By completing " account migration" process, Lunia player should be able to continue to playing Lunia.

2. When can I transfer account to Lunia account?

Currently, there is any fixed date for it. Our target date of having a live service of account migration is end of March, 2012. And migration service will be held for last 3 months.

Once we come up with fixed date after running migration schedule with, we will make final announcement to our user through here.

3. How to transfer account to Lunia account?

Once a live service page for account migration is open, users can transfer account. There will be 3 steps to do it, which is very simple process.

Step1 - Create a new Lunia account

Step2 - Verify yourself with account with simple login process

Step3 - Agree with your transition of ijji's account onto newly created Lunia account.

4. What happen with my game data including character data and Lcoin?

Before you agree to transfer account onto newly created Lunia game account, users should be able to all game data that will be transferred onto your Lunia game account.

Game data includes....
- All character date including Friend List, Family, Guild and so on.
- All game items including cash item with expired date.
- All game history including all game play history data for CS.
- Lcoin amount including purchasing and gifting history.
- Remaining Zpoints.

Eventually every single data you have own at will be transferred onto new game environment except personal membership date of

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