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Firstly, lets not confuse inflation with inflated pricing. Inflation is an increase in the general price of goods/services - but as I showed before, only certain things have increased in price.

Although many won't like to admit it, this is a problem created by supply and demand. I don't want to get too technical, but the certain items that have increased drastically in price are those that are in comparatively short supply and which have a relatively high demand. As a direct result, this situation creates an oligopoly with monopolistic market tendencies - whereby there are a small number of sellers who are significantly influenced by the actions of other sellers. Namely, if one seller increases prices, most other sellers will also increase prices. Because there remains comparatively short supply, the demand is not significantly affected and consumers adjust to the new prices. As a direct result, prices gradually increase.

How does one stop price increases? In real life consumers find a substitute - however, in Trickster there is often no substitute for the items of desire. Herein lies the problem.

Furthermore, in real life there is a central bank who can, if inflationary pressures exist, restrict the supply of money to ease inflation. In this case that would be the GMs - however, they have a conflict of interest in that they want to ensure that the sale of MS remains.

Nevertheless, I think the GMs may have to step in eventually because inflated prices are causing problems - namely, it is kind of hard to trade sums of galder above 1b... You have to use coupons which is both costly, time consuming and annoying...

Ultimately though, I think there is very little we can do to fix pricing - but we can help somewhat by resisting the temptation to buy that overpriced item, even though we really really want it; and hoping others follow and the trend sticks.

PS rant on

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