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Originally Posted by ArmyCats
Here's a full guide to unblock yourself from the server! TW ONLY!!

1. Download this file: sdgundamext.rar - Tiny utility to pack/unpack your SDGO resource files.

2. Go to your SDGO install folder. C:\Program Files\SD Gundam Online\ by default.

3. Extract the contents of sdgundamext.rar to your SDGO install folder. Make sure that sdgundamext.exe is in the same folder as GPackData.zdx and GPackData.zpk

4. Double click on DATA_UNPACK.bat and a command prompt window should appear showing all the files being unpacked. There are a lot of files so this process should take at least a minute to a few minutes.

5. A folder called "SDGO_TEMP" should have been created in your SDGO install folder by now. Look inside the folder and you should see a bunch of folders and files including a file named blockip.txa

6. Open blockip.txa with Notepad and delete everything inside and save. Optionally you can also empty filter.txa to cancel all censors (so that "come here" don't become "e here" and "that's better!" don't become "that's beer!" etc...)

7. Once you're done emptying those files, go back to your SDGO install folder and click on DATA_PACK.bat. The command prompt window should appear again showing all the files being packed. Again, this process will take a few minutes.

8. Two new files called GPackData_new.zdx and GPackData_new.zpk should appear after the packing process.

9. Copy or move GPackData.zdx and GPackData.zpk to a new folder called SDGO_BACKUP or other folder names you like. This step is important because you will still need the original resource files to perform an update. Update will fail with modified GPackData.zdx and GPackData.zpk so it is a good idea to keep the original files. Whenever there's an update, you will need to delete the modified files (they're useless now) and move the original ones back to where they belong before you start the update.

10. Rename GPackData_new.zdx and GPackData_new.zpk and remove the _new in the names so that you get GPackData.zdx and GPackData.zpk

11. Log in and enjoy.

(Will add this to my site later...

EDIT: This unblocks IPs that have been blocked... DOES NOT unban you from your wrongdoings!
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