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its for other prices.

I sell before Ice Heart Sword (Axe odinea) = maximun 600M

now is 1 b XD XD

i have other uniques but now not sell,
prices is more that before,

only sell a T.spear Lv 10 n D.cutlass Lv 11 n P.pistol Lv 10 n p.stick Lv 215 (MA=272)

but i recived offer the 750M ea
omg before sell its items in 350~450M

in my shop I not have problem
Have only principal items for accounts Head n mask MS

i not buy Box (example other opinions:" i Used 30~50 box and nothing pet" XD muahahaha)

now the game have more money n the people used galders for evited lost time in search items

Halo, itens for harkon, items drill tap, nikarium, card for master n quest, LvUP n other box, etc

now cash, MS, or points; before 2M=1K (I sell n buy its price before only friends)
before 4M/5M/7M/10M/15M/20M=1K

december 2012 100M/1K XD

its game is beatyfull not need all items in you char

i have points for past events n have 5 accounts
example: event poppuri
or event with prize points

I win points in its event poppuri 6th plaze top hunter "GuardianHero"

.MADHero . GuardianHero .. KosmiCat .. YuiHorie2 . . . NyxHeroGUN . VampireHero . Isoka
_ 29X ______ 31X _____ 27X ____ 23X _______ 28X _____ 21X ____20X
SoulHero . . . . HellHero . . . Evampire . . YuiHorie1 . . NewHeroGUN . . PirateHero
_ 22X ______ 22X _____ 22X ____ 18X _______20X ______ 21X
WitchHero . . . NeoHero
_ 18X ______21X_