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Originally Posted by VitalisChryses
If you're going to sell a pet that's currently in stock considering there are boxes that have said pet in them, don't make that pet worth 100mil.
Right? .-. I see yuri hats for 80m~+ here, sometimes more than the actual pet. Gacha coins aren't that hard to get, you get them from A TON events or from the start of the game. Adding the fact that hats are kind of commonish, at least more common than pets. Just..ugh... At least put it at that high of a price when the gacha town is gone :1.

Originally Posted by Czulki
Well I wasn't comparing it to Jewelia and sure don't get me wrong there is inflation on Fantasia but its still acceptable.

Today I saw someone B> 25m/1k points on Fantasia. So I decided to sell 3k points @ 20m and someone bought it from me. Then someone by the name "shakeBR2" called me a retard on priv.

The rich are dictating the prices, thats how its always have been and always will be :P
Well.. I agree that if the rich want something, they'll want to pay a ridiculous amount to the seller in order to get it. There's so much want that they'll just empty their pockets for a fuse they'll eventually get tired of.

But how is the fantasia inflation acceptable? You stated before you were selling ms at 20m/k, which is almost twice the normal rate (10-12m) if you keep taking advantage of people who pay a ton of money for points, others will sell at a high price as well and it'll rise in time. If this keeps going on, I honestly won't believe that 'fantasia doesn't have a problem' anymore.
Ms affects equipment as well, repair powders, elixers, anvils.. So it's effecting almost everything.

Sorry if I sounded harsh btw I'm not angry at you xD