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Originally Posted by Ladislao
Are you sure?@___@ inflation is still occurring, but at a slow pace. Fantasia only looks like it doesn't have a problem because jewelia is worse. It's like comparing a bird dying in the hospital with a bird who has a milder disease and isn't in the hospital yet. The second bird isn't as bad as the first one but both birds aren't healthy. (I'm not the best with comparisons ._.')
Well I wasn't comparing it to Jewelia and sure don't get me wrong there is inflation on Fantasia but its still acceptable.

Its a natural process: Trickster doesn't attract huge masses of new players, so items like Lv up boxes or 40boxes are in low quantities, so of course people will offer more money to get their hands on them.

Additionally, rich players that have nothing to spend their money on will buy myshop points at very high prices, they dont care because they have the funds, and point sellers dont lower prices because they know the rich will afford them.

Today I saw someone B> 25m/1k points on Fantasia. So I decided to sell 3k points @ 20m and someone bought it from me. Then someone by the name "shakeBR2" called me a retard on priv.

The rich are dictating the prices, thats how its always have been and always will be :P

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