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Originally Posted by Miyuki
>most of his friends were like "eww this ****", I got blamed
>prefer to keep it just us
>went ahead, and declare about it on facebook, and inviting others to see and commenting, defaming on me.
>I wish karma will slap you in your life soon
This guy sounds like he's 8, irresponsible, or both.

Every person has their faults and it's normal to be butthurt about it (within reason). But this guy is defying reason by putting all the blame on you and complaining about it to everything and every person in existence. Those actions are irresponsible, disrespectful and stupid since it makes him seem like he can't do anything himself to change his life.

Miyuki I'm proud of you because you're being the bigger person in this situation.

Fun Facts: people who demonstrate this kind of negative behaviour often find difficulty in getting a job/being promoted at their work because of an inability or difficulty learning from/overcoming situations of failure.


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