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Default taiwan elsword registration(perm)

here i'll show u all how to make a permanent taiwan elsword account(u must first have taiwan beanfun in order to ply taiwan elsword this is the guide to how to register taiwan beanfun)

first thing first go to taiwan beanfun(

when u reached the website press the icon(circled)

after u pressed it u will reach the registration site
1.input ur e-mail(i suggest u use hotmail/gmail using yahoo wnt work unless u use yahoo taiwan)
3.this ur account name(u can put the same thing as ur username)
5.confirm password
6.dnt need me to tell u wat is that need to ask.....if u really dnt knw its gender =-=

the rest u just input the code and tick all of the box and taa daa u finish the registration for taiwan beanfun(taiwan elsword) will be showed how to register in the next post

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