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Originally Posted by ItsRai
I remember playing in closed beta, grinding 1-3 to 1-7 for Legendary Slime Swords and such, (OMG +13 str OP!!!)

I remember the 1-2 week blackouts in which there were no updates or infomation of why Lunia was down.

I remember everyone *****ing about the lack of updates as well.

I remember when being level 50 was an accomplishment, and there was Lunar's LOLI guild.

I remember hanging out with Remeiko, da bset sc4mm3r

I remember when legendary daru (3-10) was literally the most fun boss stage ever. It was an accomplishment to complete it with a pub party.

I remember doing cobolt raids with everyone. Literally impossible to do without voke chaining, always requiring 2 siegs.

I remember doing the yeti grind.
God damn that yeti grind.

I remember the transfer to TFT, with the release of 4-10 and Tia.

I remember Lunia's first offical US tournament, with the GM's blaze and such, being super inactive
Rumah and Zero won this if I remember. (SleepBind op as fk)

Honestly, after this it's just a blur of grinding, with FELIX, Kaizen and Illuminati.

Also. MyLunia

Oh man, what a list. I feel like nostalgia just hit me in the face with a sack of cars.

I remember taking a break from Lunia for like a week because Zyris kept kicking my ass

I remember getting to Daru @ level 17 with 2 Eir's and a Dainn. We all died except one of the Eir's and she solo'd it down from 50% to 10%. Then she made a mistake and died =[

I remember being one of the few level 50's in Open Beta and trying to do 3-10L and failing.

Joining Fusion for all of one day before I quit to wait for official.

I remember JinUS.

I remember in TFT when GM's actually interacted with the community, and I did a 2v2 with one of them. He had forgotten to take off his GM sword and ended up 100% -> 0%'ing me with a wake-up.

I remember Ghost Hunter Forest.

I remember when hitting level 60 was the most amazing thing in Lunia. I was super careful to not somehow misclick and put a point in anything other than Iron Hammer. I then went into PvP and 1-shot Dain with it.

I remember when there was a higher tier of PvP'ers that I thought I'd never be as good as, so I just spectated matches and tournaments and looked in awe as the battles of mindgames and execution unfolded.

Brb i'ma go cry now.
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