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Originally Posted by kuraikako
The Jewelia server has a really strange economy. You can't really blame the high prices on inflation though - because what has occurred really isn't inflation. Inflation tends to affect all prices, but the rise in prices is mostly associated with fuses, boss drops, LVUP GB's and pretty much anything related to MS.

To provide an example - I can still buy quest items and compound stones for the same price I bought them when I left the game 3 years ago.

Unfortunately, when I started playing again, I realized it was next to impossible to accumulate the funds needed to purchase a boss set without utilizing MS - and that was really disappointing. When I left the game 3 years ago, I managed to save up enough for a Tombeth Set using in-game trading alone i.e. I did not use any MS or anything MS related.

This disparity in prices is what, in essence, creates a rise in the charge for MS - people see boss sets and rare fuses rise in price, so they charge extra for MS to counterbalance. The opposite can also be argued - that the rise in MS provokes a rise in the price of rare EQs - but such an argument only serves to split hairs.

Don't get me wrong however, I very much dislike the situation; and if anyone has seen my MS selling threads, I have stopped my rate at 45m/k - it is ultimately a very small show of my desire to help the economy, but it is a show nonetheless.

In the end however, if we are going to help the economy we need to stop inflating everything.
Kuri said pretty much everything. I don't think Trickster will ever grow into a better game if it isn't noob friendlier. I joined this game with no Myshop and I realized it's IMPOSSIBLE to get any high lvl items. If someone was new, and played as a diligent everyday 1 hour or so, it would still be nearly impossible to get 1bil+ ?

I know every game is about working hard and getting advice, but this game isn't even that anymore. Trickster right now is just about real money into galders into godly items. The advantage of real money isn't even realistic.

Honestly speaking, I don't believe Jewelia's economy can be saved by just a few ggftw Myshop sellers. I think it's a noble idea, but unless they can provide for EVERY single myshop buyer's needs... it won't be much help.

Of course it has to start somewhere and hopefully people will follow, but I don't think this is a week~month process... It's gonna need a lotta time to stay stable or else after the few weeks of MS sold cheaper, someone is gonna just raise the rates again.

Note: I DID sell OP Myshop, but only 15k worth. I even felt a bit guilty selling so high. I just hope sellers can feel a bit of what I feel.
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