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Default ggFTW Recommended Games List

A list of recommended games by the ggFTW community.

Starting this thread out, corrections, suggestions, and recommendations needed.

This is how it will work:
I will edit and update the main post with the recommendations and suggestions from the posts in this thread. Only one recommendation is needed to get it on the list. Here's the catch: I will also tag your name to the games you recommend. Additional recommendations will tag their names on the game as well. This serves a few purposes:

1) It can be an indicator of the quality of the game, as usually more recommendations = more better

2) Not everyone has the same tastes. If you don't like the games a user has recommended, you can put less
weight on their recommendations when deciding whether to play a game they have recommended or not. The
opposite applies, if you find a user that consistantly recommended games you liked, you can put more weight
on their recommendations of games you decide to try.

3) Attaching a name to a recommendation will force users to try and recommend genuinely good games. While
taste is one thing, there are games that are...let's face it, objectively bad. If someone recommends
bad games consistently, they'll put less merit on their recommendations, and make themselves out to be
that guy. Nobody wants to be that guy.

If you are posting a recommendation, and the game is not already on the list, please include the
information needed. Only recommend games that you have actually played! "Play" will vary for
each genre. For example, if it's an RPG, don't recommend it unless you've played almost all of it! If it's an online shooter,
don't recommend it unless you've acquired most of the guns, tried all the features, played 20~ hours
online! There is no real guideline (and it'd be hard to make one!) to whether you "played" a game or not, use your best judgement! Also,
if a game has almost identical ports and you've played one of them, you've played both.

This will be the format of the list:

Platform(s) and Genre(s) | Game Name | Computer Specs | Payment Model | Multiplayer? | English?

In-depth explanation

[PC MMO]Mabinogi ~ Low, F2P w/CS,
Bob, Jack, Jill, Harry

[PS3/360/PC FPS]Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare ~ Low, 4P SO
Barry, James, Mary
Recommendation List
Use CTRL+F to find genres and users!

Once you have found a game you want to try, do a quick google search and research it a bit! This list will
not cover all the nuances and such of each game!

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