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Originally Posted by Ladynoosy
is about the Reason you Breakup with her/him

sometimes its hurt.. he/her could say that to closer friends not to all!

anyway you should be happy he/she make you famous !! Remmber who talk about you bad or good to all its making you famous even if you dont want be famous!! still you should be happy!!that mean he/her Waste time in you !!
you are important!!!!!!!!

yeah, 'cause if he posted how she has STI or about if she is a horrible person, other guys will want to go near her -.-
"famous good or bad" is ridiculous. It's BAD if she's famous for lies that he makes.

I know Miyuki isn't a bad person, and I'm sure a lot of people know this too. The only real thing you can do is say, "Good thing I'm not with that ******* anymore." =/ *hugs* things like that really bother me too.. I don't think I'd be able to keep quiet and watch that go. -.-; Breakups bring out the jerk in people... =/
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