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I'd have to say that this is a nice visual guide for beginners.

My opinions on certain skills:

Phoenix strike- a VERY good map clearer (especially for those speed runs), and it curves throughout the whole map. (Yes, it curves along edges) I personally got this over Aero Tornado, in which I just use the XX loop/Gungnir/other skills for damage.

Entangle- As you have mentioned, this is 95% PvP oriented. However, it is useful in Altera's secret dungeon against the Type-H boss. By predicting its path, you can place down a trap, freeze him, then proceed to skill chain with your party to deal major damage on him.

Aero Strafe- This is a skill made for pure damage against mobs. However, this skill has tremendous multipliers in PvP, giving Grand Archers a nice skill in their arsenal to make up for lower DPS than other classes whether or not they have decent equipment.

Vibration Shot- In my opinion, one of the best passives. It gives you a lot more DPS with your arrow combos, which you will use constantly in dungeons.
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