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Originally Posted by Kuroowns
Two can plan that game, D.

I remember the days in closed beta, playing with Remeiko (Alex, you duping mofo. You quit way too ****ing early!) , that ***got Pikachu (Always thunderbolting himself), Zyris (I wish I could have my rematch), Ron (Critical. Bah, I miss those bastards), FELIX... Those fun days when people duped the cold shining sword. That was just so damn fun. I still have it to this day.

Yeti Runs? Slime sword? Legendary Drake? Man, such good memories. Too bad they'll never happen again. Good things die hard. Very hard.

Don't even get started with TFT. Lunia's PVP days was at its best back then. Best players then, best players now. The people that even play today aren't even half up to par to people that played years ago. And know what? They won't even be half, no, even a third as good as the *******s that I had to PVP.

All the good players leave, what do you get? A dead game.
PVP, the best ****ing thing about Lunia is dead. Which equates to this.
Lunia. Is. ****ing. Dead.

Miss the days when Siegs couldn't even do a simple shift. Something considered a fundamental part of Sieg's comboing utility. Wut wut? You know how to windmill? ****ing god tier.

Dainns didn't know what the hell an autostep was. Btw, wtf is a half-dash? That and boulders. Oh, damn. Those boulder spams. Lmao

Lunia turned to shit. Community is just all PvE. Miss pissing off Variants (Jokin') with Toby and Gary when I was in Soloist. T.T

And screw you, David! Bastard, it's been like 20 years. Lol.
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