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IGN: iChelly
Class: Grand Archer
Level: 38
Guild: YumeNoSekai

Rena - Grand Archer

Taking her archery to a higher level, Rena has the ability to use grand arrows, which greatly refines her powers using the bow. Through this method, she can achieve higher accuracy and power, such as the integration of elements in her arrows. Sniping Rangers who came up to a certain level as a sniper begin to train and increase their ability to have a broader movement. When they set a target, they weaken the target, make them unable to move, and then fire a deadly strike. These sniping rangers have also found a way to draw in more mana due to a friendlier relationship with the nature. These specialists, who are capable of crippling their opponents, are called the Grand Archers.

Second Job Advancement (A.K.A 3rd Job)
At Lv35, Sniping Ranger can advance into Grand Archer. The second class advancement quest is obtained from Ariel, the event NPC located in every town.
- Speak with Allegro in Feita.
- Collect 5 drops from the Gullito Necromancers in the Feita dungeons.
(3x-3 Very Hard ☆☆☆, longest path is recommended)
- Collect 20 drops from the Mana Eaters in 3x-3 on Very Hard mode. (☆☆☆)
- Defeat Amethyst (Boss) 5 times in 3x-3 on any difficulty.
- Speak with Noel in Velder
- Collect 20 drops from the Dark Elves (including Chloe) in the Velder dungeons, Chloe's (Boss) summons no longer work.
Note: 5-1 Very Hard ☆☆☆ is recommended. The drop rates for this are completely random. Heck, I ran hope bridge 5 times last time and didn't get a single drop. So, Goodluck.


Stigma Snipe
Step backwards and fire an arrow forward. The enemy it hits will have decreased speed, will recieve additional damage from any hits, and will take higher damage from criticals.
A great skill to debuff your oponents. Get it if you want to do some extra damage with your specials. Though, I would only recommend this skill if you have a B slot. You won't have space for this skill with all the other epic skills out there.

Special Actives

Freezing Arrow(100MP)
Shoot an arrow that moves straight forward at high speeds, freezing the enemy on contact.
Get it! This is an upgraded version of Rail Stinger! Rail Stinger is already THAT epic, This is even better! Although Rail Stinger with the skill note has higher damage than this skill.. BUT, In awakening mode, Freezing Arrow beats Rail Stinger even with the note.

Aero Strafe(200MP)
Jump backwards high into the air and then shoot arrow down at a 45 degree angle which explodes upon impact with the ground or an enemy.
I don't know much about this skill. I can't help you here. But I won't be getting it because I don't have a B slot >_>. Yes, you need a B slot for this skill too. Since you'll have Freezing Arrow, Wind Ward, Gungnir, Crazy Shot,Rail Stinger... Buffs and lots of other things @_@


Inducing Nature
Increases the speed at which Rena gains MP while standing still.
YOU BETTER GET THIS PASSIVE. At level 3, It makes Rena's MP regain THE SIMILAR TO AISHA'S. THAT IS HELLA FAST. You can just slack in a safe corner in PvP and charge up your MP when you have the speed of aisha's MP charging.

Vibration Shot(LOCKED)
Rena's arrows are able to cause wind vibrations, inflicting damage to nearby enemies, maximum 3 targets .
This passive makes up for the damage loss when you add Ehanced Bowstring to level 4/5. I heard the wind vibrations triggers very often too. But it's a locked skill though. Yay more quest. Up to you whether to get it or not.

End of Skill Guide

Thank you to everyone who read this guide! Please leave a comment and tell me what you think about the guide~ I'll add in some details in the future if theres something I wanna fix. Once again, I'm Chelly.

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