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Magic Adrenaline
Greatly increase your Magical Attack power for a short period of time.
Get this buff if you want your Gungnir to be even more hax than it already is >_>

Power Adrenaline
Greatly increase your Physical Attack power for a short period of time.
Skip it. You don't need a physical attack buff with all that hax magical attack based skills.


Intermediate Magic Training
Increase your character's Magical Attack power.
GET IT! Your arrows are already epic by now.. Why not make it even more epic? =D

Intermediate Strength Training
Increase your character's Physical Attack power.
Skip it. I don't need to say why, Because It obviously increases your physical attack power. You only need the Intermediate Magic Training. Plus, Skill Points are really tight when you've advanced to sniping ranger.

Gentle Arrow
Decreases the chance of knock-down by general arrow attacks.
I will slap you twice if you don't get this passive. This will make people CRY SO BAD in PvP. You can use the XX , XX , XX and repeat combo and they won't knock down that easily! Which means you can attack them more! GET IT!

Enhanced Bowstring/Arrow Mastery
Alters the damage of normal arrow attacks and the number of hits.
Alot of people think that getting it to level 3 is enough. Because at level 4, The damage of your normal arrows decreases instead of increasing and the MP gain is decreased too. BUT, The arrows PIERCES through one enemy after level 4. Please max this passive. Even though you may get back less MP per arrow, remember that you'll be getting MP for each hit. Get the enemy bunched up for best results. Plus, It's so useful in Team PvP! Imagine you have two enemies running towards you, Your arrows will pierce through the first one and hit the second one too! Its a win win situation!

Increases the distance that arrows travel.
A really great passive! It increases the range of your arrows! Get it.

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