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Default Chelly's Sniping Ranger and Grand Archer Skill Guide - RENA

Hi all~ I'm Chelly! I play German Elsword! I've decided to help out those future sniping ranger/grand archers ~ This guide does not explain any combos or such. This is JUST a Skill guide. I will only explain the uses of each skill and which skill you should take or what not. It's my first post in this forum and I don't really know how to make my guide all pretty with lots of colors and glitters so.. excuse me >_>

Rena SR/GA Skill Guide

By iChelly

Please DO NOT post this guide somewhere else and claim it as your own.

Please give me critics on my guide if you can

Lastly, I hope this guide will help you find the perfect build!

*Note that I will be using the terms PvP and PvE. PvP = Player vs Player. PvE is well.. dungeons*

Rena - Ranger


Siege Mode
Rena will "deploy" at her current spot, making her unable to move. If activated at melee range, she will deal a kick to enemies in front of her. Z will fire 1 arrow, and X will fire 3 arrows. All arrows will knock down enemies
Awesome Active! This will be your main boss killer when you're still a ranger ONLY if they are stoic though, Because this knocks down. This is a starter Active , You can't choose whether to get it or not. *The skill note for this increase the speed of the arrows fired in Siege Mode by 10%*

Back Tumbling Shot
Backflip into the air and shoot arrow(s) 45 degrees downwards. During the backflip, Rena is invulnerable.
Great for dodging attacks! Get it! But unless you have a B slot, You won't have space for this skill when you've advanced to Grand Archer.. Unless you want to sacrifice some kick ass special actives. *The skill note for this reduces cooldown by 1 second*

Special Actives

Rail Stinger(100MP)

Rena charges up an arrow and shoots a powerful arrow at high speeds that can pierce through at least 2 enemies. Awakening Mode pierces through all enemies.
This is your starter 100MP special active. It is a GREAT 100MP skill! Max it! Get the skill note for this too! Heck, This skill without the skill note is even better than sniping ranger's first 100MP skill , Humming Wind. *With the skill note,the stinger can now pierce through 4 enemies (When not in Awakening Mode) and the damage is increased by 15%*

Perfect Storm(200MP)
Rena aims downwards and shoots a tornado onto the ground that can hit multiple enemies from beneath, launching them into the air.
HORRIBLE SKILL. Skip this. There are much better skills you can get when you've advanced to sniping ranger/grand archer. Trust me, The damage for this is SO LOW. Sure, it may look cool and all but... It sucks. The only useful thing about this is the vertical range. It can get those pesky wyverns in Velder/Belder. BUT , even with the vertical range, DO NOT get this skill. Please.

Assault Kick(100MP)
Kick twice, the first stunning the enemy and leaving them open for an attack, the second sending a powerful kick launching the opponent from the ground.
Skip this skill. You won't be needing it because you are going to be a sniping ranger/grand archer. This skill focuses on physical attack, which is the exact opposite of what you are going to focus on. Even if you changed your mind and want to choose combat ranger/wind sneaker, The damage for this skill is HORRIBLE. Rail Stinger is better.

Multiple Stinger (200MP)
Hold your position and let out two 3-way Rail Stingers damaging enemies from any area.
(When in Awakening Mode, the Stingers will penetrate through all enemies)

This is not really a horrible skill.. The damage is well , Not as strong but not so weak either. It's your choice whether to get this skill, I skipped it. So its up to you. *Skill Note Effect : The first shot of the Stingers do not knock down the opponent*

Phoenix Strike(300MP)
With all your energy, let out a fiery Phoenix that travels throughout the map, dealing heavy damage while burning any enemy hit by the bird's trail.
Awesome Skill! This will be your main stage clearer! (Only on stages with straight paths though >_>) Get this skill! It may not work that well on bosses though. So you decide. Do you want a field clearer or .. the next skill, which is a boss skill. *The skill note increase critical chance by 10% and its burning duration by 10 seconds*

Aero Tornado(300MP)
Backflip into the air and shoot a giant wind-sphere 45 degrees downwards that deals heavy damage to any victim inside it.
(When in Awakening Mode, two weaker versions of Rail Stingers will move in a circular pattern around the Wind-sphere 10 times)

GET IT! This is a REALLY GREAT skill for dealing with bosses when you're still a low leveled ranger or sniping ranger. Also, This skill is best used against stoic/frozen enemies.


Magic Accelarator
Increases your magic attack for a certain period of time.
Get it! Since you'll be focusing on magic attack, This is a great skill! It'll make your arrows even more epic!

Shield Accelerator
Increases your Physical and Magical Defense for a certain period of time.
It's up to you whether to get this or not. I didn't get it. But this buff is great for survival though~

Power Accelerator
Increases your physical attack for a certain period of time.
Skip it, You're not focusing on physical attack.

Passives are skills that buff up your character permanently. It cannot be activated like special actives/actives or buffs. It's already added in your character.

Basic Physical Defense Training
Permanently increase your Physical Defense Power.
Get it. It's common sense to get all starter passives.

Basic Magic Defense Training
Permanently increase your Magical Defense Power.
Get it. It's common sense to get all starter passives~ Lalala.

Basic Strength Training
Permanently increase your Physical Offense Power.
Get it. I know you'll be like 'You said we're focusing on magic attack! Why must I add a physical attack passive?' Well,This passive will make your kicks stronger too~! So you can kick ass in both range and melee combat!

Basic Magic Training
Permanently increase your Magical Offense Power.
I'll skin you alive if you don't get this Passive. I've already said lots of times that we're focusing on magic attack. So, Get this passive! It'll make your arrows hurt a little bit more~

Siege Swift/Siege Mode Mastery
Decreases the activation time and Mana cost while increasing the damage of Siege.
Oh my god. I'll skin you alive once more if you don't get this! This slows down Siege Mode's activation time and INCREASES its damage! Max it all the way to level 3!

Rena - Sniping Ranger

The Sniping Ranger's specialty is the long bow. Her aim, even from a great distance always rings true. Her super human speed and a little magic thrown in for good measure gives her the ability to fill the sky with arrows, skewering anything caught in the flurry. While great in a party, she can handle most situations all by herself.

First Class Advancement

- Defeat Willam Phoru (Boss) 2 times at 2-4 on any difficulty.
- Collect 10 drops from the Bats in Banthus Cave on any difficulty.
- Collect 10 drops from the Mickys in 2-3 on any difficulty.
- Speak to Hoffman , the mayor of Elder.
- Eliminate 15 Wisps in 2-1 on any difficulty.
- Wisps that enter Mini Ents also count towards this quest.

- Talk to Lenphad in Elder.
- Collect 2 drops from the Crossbow Soldiers in 2-5 on any difficulty.
- Eliminate 6 Poison Mushus at 2-1 on Normal or above (☆).
- Clear 2-5 on Very Hard (☆☆☆) with at least a B rank.
- Clear 2-4 on Very Hard (☆☆☆) with at least a B rank.
*In NA Elsword, clearing 2-4 and 2-5 on Normal or Hard with a B rank or above will also clear the quest requirements.*


Reflect Kick
Rena performs a stationary somersault. Kicks and lifts, straight up, nearby mobs. The kicking motion can reflect magical projectile attack.
Awesome skill for reflecting those powerful mega electronball from eve or any other projectiles. I didn't get it though. It's up to you~ But I suggest saving up the skill points for something else. *The skill note reduces cooldown by 1 second*

Sets up a trap on ground. Traps monster once stood on. This skill does no damage.
This is a locked skill. It is only useful for PvP. It doesn't do any damage at all . So its ONLY for PvP! You can get it if you want. I skipped it. *The skill note reduces cast time by half, cooldown reduced by 2 seconds, and MP consumption reduced by 20*

Special Actives

Humming Wind(100MP)
Shoot a concentrated magic sphere force into the ground releasing a powerful wind explosion that blows away any enemies within it's radius.
Your first 100MP skill as a sniping ranger. The damage isn't something amazing. Rail Stinger is still better than this skill. Plus, party members would slap your face because this skill scatter the monsters around. So it can be annoying when you are playing in a party and your party members are trying to keep the monsters in one place. If you want this skill, I suggest getting the skill note for it. *The skill note increases range and attack power by 20%*

Guide Arrow(200MP)
Shoots three magical arrows that will chase enemies for of seven seconds or until they hit their target. In Awakening Mode, the arrows will penetrate through enemies once but the damage is reduced.
Get this if you're going to PvP. So you can be a troll and annoy people.This skill is like high mage's magic missile. The arrows stalk your enemies and hit them hard. But it doesn't have much use in dungeon though..I've never used it in dungeons. So its up to you~ *The skill note increases the number of arrows fired by 1 and arrows move 30% faster*

Wind Ward(LOCKED/200MP)
Rena casts a wind vortex in front of her that sucks in nearby enemies, trapping them in its center until it dissipates. *Can be use in midair*
I love this skill! Its really useful in PvP too for catching runners. In dungeons, You can gather monsters with it. Though, The suction is not as powerful as Eve's black hole. Get it! You have you buy the skill from the cash shop or do the mission though, since this is a locked skill.

Crazy Shot(300MP)
Charge and shoot a concentrated magic spark that will detonate itself dealing magic damage continuously within a large radius and knocks enemies down.
Disco ball pew pew! This is an awesome skill for small bosses and PvP. Doesn't have much use on bigger bosses though. Get it only AFTER you've gotten the next skill, Gungnir.

Rena fires a powerful shot into the air which casts eight large spears of doom to rain down on the field around her.
Please delete your Rena if you skipped this skill. No, I'm not kidding. I'll climb in your window and slap you in the face too. THIS IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST SKILL IN THE ENTIRE GAME. It will be your main boss killer when you've advanced to sniping ranger! THE DAMAGE IS INSANE. GET THIS SKILL ASAP. I CAN'T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Even if you have to do a quest which trolls you on the drop rate, DO IT. THIS SKILL IS WHAT MAKES SNIPING RANGER/GRAND ARCHERS SHINE.