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First, my stats


This makes me do a total of 9271 damage with a normal shot, using the formula 20 x (AC - 48) + GunAP, as shown here:


Gun skills follow a simple Normal Damage x M formula. For me, this would be 9271 x M for all gun skills:


*extra thingies* (people and dialogue censored for the sake their of privacy)

-> Crit damage, that I mentioned being 20%


Normal Damage crit (+20%) and Keen Sense crit (+212% of normal crit), totaling Normal Damage x 2,545 for a keen sense crit


*extra info*
Sharp Sense should work the same way keen sense does, being 126% of the critical (+20%) of gun skills

Berserk follows the same formula as other gun skills (tested with abandoned fantasia lion but forgot screens)

All skills were mastered in testing

If I forgot something I edit this post or something..

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