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Do we post things here? Oh well..

Decided to test gun skills and found the attacking skill formula a bit off. Wiki says that there is a *gun AP - 11* portion, but from my testing there is no -11, it's just straight gun AP. This makes all gun skills damage to be [20 x (AC - 48) + GunAP] x M (M being whatever the power of the skill is, like power shot being 270% (2,7) and etc)

*little infos*
-> [20 x (AC - 48) + GunAP] is actually the normal shot damage. This means that all gun atacking skills are --Normal damage x M--

-> Crits are an extra 20% damage. Something interesting is that when you attacks hits for whatever,x (like 14897,5 damage), the game saves the ,5 part of the damage (but doesn't show nor round up or down, it just stays there) and, in case you get a crit, it may add an extra 1 damage because the crit might also have a ,x portion of damage, so it adds with the previous damage and the result is 1 extra point of damage.

-> keen sense (master) adds 212% for your normal shot crit, but it adds on the crit damage of your normal shot, not the base damage. This means that the total power of a keen sense'd crit is --Normal damage x 2,545--, or sligtly lower than a power shot (not counting gun overdrive)

I have screenshot proof of these above, can upload later if needed...