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But soul mates (for those that you don't believe in that, let's call them really special/important lovers/girlfriends/boyfriends/) are special. There's only one of them. And you need to make sure that they stick around. Like your mom or dad or your life. You only get one. If you lose them, you'll regret it.
A better word would be love. Nothing beats that word. Love can be extremely easy (a love u met at like, say, 5 years old) to nearly impossible to find in this life or any life.

I'm just a submissive person who hangs out with Joe pretty much all the time and does whatever he wants to do. But I don't want to lose my friends...
Which is better, love or friends? It depends if the friends are just friends. Good friends will never betray u. Remember not all friends are equal, some are good, some are rubbish, u do not want that rubbish Simon Cowell Throws Cell Phones - YouTube (lol Simon Cowell). Love of course comes 1st..

He told me that I've become this completely different person.
When he said that, was he negative? An example mean?

That I went from spending a bunch of time with my friends and having fun, to being confined to Joe.
Is that imprisonment? Nope... unless he abuses u.. as long both of u are happy, it is fine to spend with him forever.
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