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Well this piqued my interest. So I watched it. And now I have some comments and stuff on it. And I think you guys will too. So it's sharing time, YAAAAAAAY!

The big question is, was what he did justified?

I think they both had some screws loose, and I can't say I fully support or reject what he did.

For starters, the daughter appeared kinda spoiled. Wanting all those things. And complained about some insignificant chores. And wanting to be PAID for these. Come on. But hey, some of the complaints are valid. Tracking dirt into your home, then asking your daughter to clean up after you? What? WHAT? You want them to act mature and disciplined, when you do shit like that?

For the things like shoveling the fertilizer, and making the coffee... The stuff like making coffee, I can see being ok once in a while. The fertilizer stuff, it better be once in a blue moon, or you're also helping with the fertilizer. It's unclear whether she does enough chores to be tired by 10 is true or not, so...I'll leave that alone.

Then "when I was your age" speech ticked me off.
When I was your age, I moved out of the house, lived on my own, went to college while in high school, worked two jobs, worked as a volunteer fireman, and still went to school.
Really, both scenerios that explain this makes him look stupid.

A) What he said was true. I don't know how it was back then, but I don't see how you can live on your own now. Your parents could not care and not say anything if you left I suppose, and you could somehow find someone that'd be willing to let you pay rent for an apartment room or something...Could be different back then. And going to college while in high school...what? Again, has to be different from now.

In this case, things are different now, and back then. What people did back then doesn't happen now. Shitty high horse speech.

B) He's exaggerating or lying. Uhm...yeah. Still shitty high horse speech.

They appear to want to push her to getting a job a lot. She's 15 and...I think it's pretty silly to expect someone MUST have a job at 15 in this day and age. If you got one, hey, good for you. But I wouldn't say they MUST have one until they're 18 (and not in post-secondary). 16-18, you can definitely nudge them to get one.

She seemed pretty spoiled, so I think she sorta deserved what happened. But at the same time, I think she doesn't, cause she had some valid complaints.

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