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Default LaTale - Affectionate Events

01. LaTale Fan Art Contest
When: 02/09 - 02/22
Details:Art is a life blood of creativity, and expression, and there are a lot of talented players out there who are artists, and we want to host an event where they can win by doing something they love.

1. Create a piece of fan art of your character, a pet, a fashion set, or anything themed or related to LaTale
2. Art must be drawn, ditigal or traditional methods both allowed.
3. Post it to any art hosted site like Deviantart, or social media site like Facebook/twitter.
4. Link the image to the provided forum thread.

First Place Prize - 3x Prime XP Potions + LaTale Button
Second Place Prize - 2x Prime XP Potions
Third Place Prize - 1x Prime XP Potion

Participation Prize Peach Can
Date of Prize award:03/02

02. It must be Love
When: 02/09- 02/22
Details:There’s a certain something special in the air again this February. It must be love, so we’re rewarding couples that take screenshots of themselves together wearing the Valentines Sets!

1. Have both you, and your couple (can be dating, married, or not ect.) wearing either the full White Valentines or Black Valentines outfit.
2. Take a screenshot of you two together. Feel free to pose, or modify the image with creative backgrounds or borders as long as both characters are still easily visible including names.
3. Include IGNs(In Game Names) along with the screenshot.
4. Couples or individuals are only able to participate in one picture.
5. Post it in the forum thread and automatically be signed up for the participation prize!

Participation Prize Enhanced XP Potion for both partners
Grand Prize Any Pet of choice for both partners
Date of Prize award:03/02

03. Play Free, Win Big
When :02/09- 02/22
Details:We’re going to be warding players just simply for participating in our game. Based on how long you play for, is how much you will be rewarded!

1.Play whenever, for however long you wish.
2. Hours are counted as whole entities. You must play for one hour straight for it to be counted. Two 40 minute sessions will not be counted as an hour.
3. You get rewarded based on how many hours you played total!
4. You get award for each tier you reach. IE if you do play 70 hours, you receive the prizes for 40, and 20!
Hours Played Prize Awarded
70 Strong Special Weapon Coupon x1
40 Expert Hair Style Coupon x2, Special Hair Style Coupon x2
20 Peach Can x 5
Date of Prize award:03/02

04. Heart Box Giveaway
When:02/08- 03/07
Details:We’re starting to feel the love in the air recently, and to spread the good will, we will be awarding players just for logging in! We have 4 chances for players to win.

1.For those who log in the game during the time listed below will receive a “Heart Key x1”.
Date of Log In 02/10- 02/12 02/17- 02/19 02/24- 02/26 03/02- 03/04
Date of Prize Award 02/13 7:00PM (PST) 02/20 7:00PM (PST) 02/27 7:00PM (PST) 03/05 7:00 PM (PST)

Additional Detail: The date of log in time can be either a 1 second or an hour. You just have to log in the game to receive prize.
Participation Prize
Heart Key x1, Heart Box x1

04. ‘Our Story’ Valentines Event
When: 1/26- 2/22
Details: Valentine’s Day is coming closer for 2012, and we want to help share the message of love this season. Players will have the chance to be able to share this story in two methods, and each method will have its own rules, separated in to “Rule #1”, and “Rule #2”. You can only participate in one of the two categories.
Rule #1 for those who are creating their story by video:

1. Record and compose an in-game video of La Tale up to 1 minute to 3 minutes. (Sound or music is welcome to be added)
2. Upload the video to Youtube.
3. Link the video from Youtube to the provided forum thread in the contest section.
Rule #2 for those who are creating their story by captured screenshot and writing:

1.Capture the loveliest screenshot of couple.
2. Post it in the event thread along with their love story written down in the thread. (can be composed as poetry, diary, or paragraphs etc)
Additional Detail: Both the male and female user will receive the reward. Please provide both the IGN and user ID in the thread. Couple does not need to be in a in game relationship, but must be a male, and a female.
Participation Prize: Heart Box x10, Heart Key x10 for both the couple
Grand Prize: Toma’s Fashion Coupon x2 for both the couple
Date of prize award: 03/02

05. Guild Crop Guide Event
When:02/09- 03/07
1. Create a guide for Guild Crops, and Guild Crop harvesting.
2.Make sure to include information related to Guild Crops like Purchase advice, planning of harvest, info on length of guild crop life, rooms you can get, boss strategies, ect.
3.The more creative/colorful, or spiced up the guide, the higher your chance of winning (You’re able to use video/Text/Images/Voice to help illustrate.)
4. Post it in the forum topic regarding it.
Participation Prize- Gold Dart of Luck x3
Grand Prizes:Astro Pet of Choice + LaTale Button
Date of Prize award- 03/16

06. Welcome Back Event
When :02/09- 03/07
Details:It can be hard sometimes getting back into a game, so that’s why we’re offering a unique ring to players who rejoin that offers bonus Experience Points.

1. Have a character that was at least level 10, and had not logged in for 20 days (or more) prior to the event (10/02).
2. Log in during the event with that character to be eligible for the Prize!
3. Wait till the date of Prize of award and you’ll be rocking your new Welcome Ringx1
Participation Prize Welcome Ring x1
Date of Prize award:03/16

07. Double IDR/XP Event
When: 02/09- 02/22
1. Log in during Saturday/Sunday between either 10:00 – 12:00 or 16:00 – 18:00 OGPTime (Pacific Standard Time), and receive 2x bonus Item Drop Rate, and Experience Points.

08. Number 1 Club
When: 02/09- 02/22
1. Post a screenshot of you winng the 1stplace LaDeck prize. (Must have won 1st place LaDeck between the date of 01/19~02/08)
2. Post screenshot in the forum post in the contest section.
3. GM will review it and send you message through the forum private message.
4. Please show up at the location where the GM informed you to.

P.S- There will be a conflict to make an appointment with players, so GM will ask twice to show up in the location that asked to players. Please be showed up otherwise you will not be eligible for receiving 15x Gold Dart of Luck.
Participation Prize : Gold Dart of Luck x15
Date of Prize award: 03/02

09. Win Ladeck, Win again!
When: 02/09- 02/22
Details :
1. Purchase either 10, 20, or 40 darts during the event period.
2. You will receive either 1, 2, or 4 darts as a prize, and be entered for a chance at the grand prize!
Purchase Receive
Gold Dart of Luck x10 - Gold Dart of Luck x1
Gold Dart of Luck x20 - Gold Dart of Luck x2
Gold Dart of Luck x30 - Gold Dart of Luck x3
Gold Dart of Luck x40 - Gold Dart of Luck x4
Date of Prize award: 03/02

10. Comic Comedy Contest
Event Period: 02/09- 02/22
How to Participate
You and a friend write a script for and draw a short comic somehow related to La Tale or people you know from La Tale and post it on a art site, or on facebook. Link, or give a link to a image showing the image.
Participation Prize–Gold Darts of Luck x4
Grand Prize– Astro Pet of Choice + LaTale Button
Date of Prize award- 03/02

11. Funniest Caption Contest
When: 02/09- 02/22
Details :
1. Copy the provided image to your computer
2. Open it up in a image editing software (photoshop, paint, ect), and add your own funny caption.
3. Upload the image to any image hosting site (photobucket, tinypic, ect). And link the image in the forum thread!

Participation Prize : Peach Can x1
Grand Prize: Astro Pet of your Choice + LaTale Button
Date of Prize award: 03/02