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Originally Posted by beef1218
Don't know where you got such attitude.
Did I say it was "crap"? I only said "it doesn't seem any good because no one uses it", which is a reasonable assumption. People I know who capped it stopped using it after they tried it. Feel free to try it and tell me that I am wrong about it.
I'm sorry for trying to help.

Yet, you insist to break the C2 and keep capping for C3 without trying the C2 first?

A hanger is like $3-$4. It's not whether you have the money but whether you are willing to spend it.

After all, it's your time and money. I shouldn't be commenting how you manage it. Good luck.
That's how what you said came across to me. If I misinterpreted it, I apologize.

It's a reasonable assumption, but personally, I'd prefer trial and experience over observation of the masses. There are some suits that aren't used much but actually aren't so bad. Just outshined by their contemporaries.

That is a very good point, and my mistake. Though I actually went for it planning to keep it and if I got a C3, I certainly would, regardless of how it played (fanboy-ing)

I WOULD like to get hangars but unfortunately, my online purchases are kept on a tight leash by my dad, and I only have so much cash available to me during the rare times that I get to top up so yeah.

But regardless, I spoke like a ***** and I'm sorry about that. No hard feelings I hope.