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Originally Posted by Bng422

But seriously, it's only a 5 second reload (without skill 2). That's not that bad. Besides, Gouf Ignited's w2 isn't really even BMG... it's more like dual beam pistols being shot twice...

And 5 seconds for 5 shots... for Reborns, it's 5 second for a single shot. Really, it's honestly not that slow. Sure, compared to other BMGs it's slower, but my point is it's not exactly the same as a BMG.
its a quad shot, like rock NZ. but clipped. what i mean is, compared to other clip weapons, its slow. and dude, reborns is constant reload. you need to use all ammo to reload on ignited.

Originally Posted by Crimsonred
I just wish they'd buff wing gundam.
they already did. WITH KATOKI