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Originally Posted by Bng422
Gouf Ignited isn't actually that bad, but there's probably better choices. Think of it as a B rank Strike Noir with a weaker melee, A doulbe shot double pistol (as in Strike Noir's one click x2) and a whip that inflicts bullet zero instead of control shock.

How it shoots has nothing to how much damage it does...

And are you kidding me? 1800 damage is not enough for you on a B rock?

And it's reload is pretty standard for MGs.

Here are my problems with gouf ignited:

1) it's not fast. Successful B rank rocks are either fast or...
2) it's not very tanky. Either a rock is fast or it's tanky. Gouf Ignited is neither of these but sort of stuck in the middle.
3) The whip range is too short. Usually a whip goes a long way toward making a melee weaponset awesome but in this case, the limited range makes the whole thing fall a bit short (puns intended).

The saving grace is that beam mg as people have already mentioned. The multiplier is indeed high and with attack up it can deliver some good damage. But it's not enough to bring the suit to anywhere but mediocrity. Especially since the melee swing speed is so slow compared to other modern rocks.