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Originally Posted by beef1218
If you have failed OC2 consecutively, what made you think that LP was not needed for OC3?

Buy a hanger then. Aren't you tired of capping one, breaking one, capping one, breaking one.....? Why not just spend a couple bucks and make life much easier?

By the way, I haven't tried Gouf Ignited, but it doesn't seem any good since no one uses it. What's the point of must having a C3 of this lame suit?
1) My religion dictates that I use LPs on OC4 onwards except for S rank suits. Then I use them even at OC3.

2) I would if I had the cash.

3) Just cause no one uses it doesn't mean it's crap.
Wasn't the rule, don't talk trash about a suit until you've tried it out yourself?
And aside from that, it's my preference. So yeah.