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Default [MSoTW] [05/02 - 11/02] GN-XIII

Greetings ggFTW. Here I am once again with another simple and boring MSoTW. This is probably my last MSoTW as a permanent writer, I'll probably still be doing some write-ups in the future but not in such a way that it is scheduled to be at week X.


Weapon 1 - GN Lance
Unlike other non-lance melee weapons, this thing is a little bit more tricky to use. Also no vertical reach for you.

Weapon 2 - GN Lance (Beam Rifle)
The main weapon for GNX-III, beam machine gun 4 shots burst.

Weapon 3 - GN Grenade
If you remember Sonken Gundam / BB Senshi GP03S, their weapon 3 is similar except that for GNX-III, the range is shorter and that it only increases your defence against BEAM weapons ONLY!

Skill 1 – Reload Up
The BMG reloads uber fast with the skill on. You practically don't have to wait that long for a reload.

Skill 2 – Attack Up
Gives you the damage your beam machine gun needs to annihilate your foes.

Melee Special

GN-XIII is a simple suit but it has a unique touch to it.
(Having an awkward melee weapon and a relatively long cooldown for W3)

First of, I'll start of with the weapon set.
GN-XIII's weapon set is unlike any other GN-Xs which have all 3 weapons that can either deal a certain amount of damage or prolong a combo to buy time for your allies to dish out heavy damage. It enables itself to either go on a hit-and-run mission or set a defensive perimeter for the team.

GN-XIII is all about support. What kind of support ?

1) Damage Supporter – Focus on hunting strayed papers. Assist ally rocks that are chaining meleee combos on enemy targets.
2) Tank Supporter – Main aim is to be a meat shield for allies, dive in the battlefield together with an ally Rock and be the Bee that stings and irritates your opponents. You are probably going to rely on your W3 as a defence mechanism, eat beam shots like a boss!

How should I customize GN-XIII ?

1) C speed OC attack
2) Full attack

3) C speed OC defence / Your choice

Skill parts recommended:

1) Newtype Awakening
2) Special Up

For damage supporter build, I recommend the C speed OC attack and full attack builds.
Both of the builds are acceptable for a damage dealer, it all goes to preferences from here on out.
If you are more of the “Okay, I'm sick of this camping. Lets go team !” then you should get C speed OC attack because every time you rush or retreat, the speed will help you out, no doubt about it. C Speed OC attack also makes hit-and-run techniques more effective compareed to full attack builds. By adding 3 custom points to speed, you get maximum speed which is 24.9 which I think is great for launching surprise attacks whereby you go in and get out quick without having to worry about not having enough boost pool since you are not kiting but stinging your foes like a bee.

The full attack build, you would probably be hugging the ones who are providing artillery support in your team, looking after them and assisting Rocks that are leading the frontline as well.

So, how do you sting like a bee ?
First of all, you can bait yourself by provoking and making your enemies rain down beam weaponry on you to create an opening for your allies. Once your allies get there, you quickly take cover so they will focus on your allies who are chasing/attempting to kill them. At that precise moment, you get back out and start providing fire support with your bmg. Rinse and repeat.

2nd way to sting is to follow your ally, Rock in a rush. Allow him to initiate, if Rock succeeds in meleeing/chaining a combo, you use bmg and blast the heck out of that target. Look out for incoming enemy units, if someone attempts to melee your ally Rock, you go and W3 to kd him or you could use your almighty lance to stab em and retreat with the Rock. Regardless if the Rock retreats, if the situation is bad and you guys are getting overwhelmed, retreat immediately and leave Rock for dead.

Why those skill parts ?
Newtype Awakening is meant for the C speed OC attack build whereby you play the game by using speed to your advantage. Extra boost, high speed, enemies on your radar and decent amount of damage with the beam machinegun will bring great results. Should you encounter a rock that bullet-zeroed you, your best option is to either use teleport/warp/boostaway (which you are mostlikely to not get away without losing lots of hp or dying) or fight back with your only weapon available, the GN LANCE! Yes, I know. The Lance isn't something you go around meleeing people with, thats other melee weapons job, not the lance. The lance for you to stab incoming targets or targets that are simply not focusing on you so you'd probably be able to land a 3-4 hit combo depending on what you plan to do next. As for special up, easy. Remember your options ? Add “use SPECIAL” to eliminate/get away from the said enemy.

Some enemies to avoid:
  • Rocks
  • Ballistic units
  • Units with iField (your best bet is to melee them if you have to)

I will try my best to upload a gameplay video before the MSoTW ends, I'm currently having some technical issues with my net.

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