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(1) Socketing Weapons
(1a)what is the maximum state that each socketing crystal give? cuz I asked other people and they say my socketed stats are relatively low
does single state crystals (e.g. ) give more stats in the same area than a multi state crystal (e.g. )?

(e.g. does the first crystal give more att speed than the 2nd crystal)

(2) Leveling up Pets

what is the minimum % of hunger for pet to gain experience? I notice when its hunger is about 50%, it does not gain any experience. So when ever it is in special stage, i keep making sure its at 100%

(3) Leveling up Henrir weapons

When I level up my henrir weapon from lvl 30 to lvl 40, does it loose all the enchantment I put when it was lvl 30, and the +8 ? [have a feeling the answer is yes]

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