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Hmm. That's too bad...

Some good news, people.


Lizardman was my best pick. During practice, he only lost one round within a match, and that was because he didn't know Sophitia's fighting style.

During the tournament though, he didn't lose a single round or match. These guys needed to guard impact and parry more as well as attack low numerously, like Lizardman did. And he did that like the wild beast he was. He also managed to get in a few critical finishes.

He demolished them all with his axe-wielding destruction and made it to the top of the mountain. And then... something wonderful happened.

Not only did we make it to the top together, but Lizardman was also rewarded for his hard work. He not only earned a new pair of axes, but he was also blessed with an awesome pair of wings and fire breath! He also regained his birthname of "Aeon Calcos." He was a mere Lizardman no more!


TL;DR and minus dramatization:

I won with Lizardman in a Soul Calibur IV tournament. Didn't lose not even round within a match. I killed them all with my amount of parrying and their lack of, as well as mixing low and high attacks to keep them on the defensive. They couldn't do that too long with the Critical Finishes I had for them.

So, in the end, I won. And with that, I retrieved Soul Calibur V for free for my hard work.

Now all I need is a PS3 to actually play it on!


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