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The new priest cooldown skill is cool, but only if it's a party buff and the duration of the skill goes up as you level it enough that the cooldown isn't twice as long as the duration. I'm confused as to how it works, because a few pages back when the skills were initially posted, it said in the description that it lowers the cooldown of all skills by a certain percentage, but in more recent pages I see people saying that it only lowers the duration of light based skills. Which is true?

The resurrection skill is amazing. I remember posting that Ntreev should give Priests a Resurrection skill years ago in the suggestion forum, but it doesn't make going the path of priest anymore worthwhile because hybrids can get it too. Seems like Ntreev will never learn. That one skill could've been the priests saving grace if it had been exclusive like it should've been, but Ntreev dropped the ball once again.

As for the Attribute changes, that's to be expected. This change is rigged for mages but it's in Ntreev's best interest as a company. They've accomplished two things by adding this function:

1. Magic Players will now nate and recompound some of their gear for elemental attribute.

2. Magic Players will buy the new elemental attribute gear which is sure to be released sooner or later when Ntreev realizes how much money they can make from it.

Adding more variables and stats into the mix is a great thing for the company, but unfortunately makes things harder on the players who want optimal gear.

The rest of the skills look decent from the glance I took, but the cat skill is rigged for PVPing against Mages. I never really PVPed anyways and I don't even play this game at the moment, but I like to keep tabs on whats happening anyway and as a long term player of this game and as a priest, these changes still bother me.

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