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Default [MSoTW] [29/01 - 04/02] Zeta (Awakening)

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam(Awakened)
By xBng422x

Hello, and welcome to my second MSoTW!

S Zeta is a scissor I enjoy playing very much; it possesses pretty much everything I can ask for on a S scissor. What makes this Zeta so different from the other 2? Basically, in my opinion, it takes aspects from both rocks and papers combined into one. Here I would like to share my thoughts and analyze this suit, so let's get started!

S Zeta is available in KR as plans, while in other servers it's a pretty new suit.


[MODE 1]

The stats of S Zeta doesn't look anything too high or too low. Stats are very well rounded, with most stats being around the same as other stats. Speed and agility might seem a bit low, but you don't need to worry a single bit at all. S Zeta moves very fast and smoothly, and skills complement it very well. More on that later.

[MODE 2]

Mode 2's stats don't really change too much, except the attack goes down slightly, defence increases slightly, speed increases as well. Not too big of a stat changer.

In general, S Zeta has well balanced stats. S Zeta looks like it can't take that many hits, but S Zeta can do a lot of damage in return. A common name for these type of suits is Glass Cannon. This holds true for S Zeta.


[MODE 1]

Boost duration
Horizontal: 3.17 seconds
Vertical: 3.17 seconds
Search distance: 3800

Long Beam Saber
Damage: 1100
Range: 650
Ammo: N/A
Reload: N/A

S Zeta's main melee weapon, unlike most suits S Zeta uses it's beam rifle bayonet style. It does 4 hits and does average S rank damage for scissors. Melee speed is essentially 4 quick horizontal slashes. The range seems a bit deceiving; I think it's got pretty long reach, more than other scissors. This melee weapon is pretty solid for a scissor, but you probably won't be using it that much. This weapon should be used for self defence or saving other teammates, and it does a good job doing so.

Beam Rifle
Damage: 1300
Range: 2800
Ammo: 11
Reload: ~2 seconds/shot

Standard beam rifle. It does 1300 damage, which is average for a scissor. This weapon has plenty of ammo and decent reload, so you should be using this weapon the most. Delay between shots are very short (even shorter with skills on), so you can shoot this thing pretty fast. This should be your main weapon, so if you like beam rifles this should be your ideal kind of suit. This weapon is blocked by things like I-Field and Veteran Sniper.

Grenade Launcher
Damage: 420*4 = 1680
Range: 2700
Ammo: 2
Reload: ~6 seconds/ammo

S Zeta's only ballistic weapon. Each time you fire, S Zeta shoots out missiles from it's left arm. The missiles fly out like a burst shot (read: Shotgun). Unlike AS Zeta's grenades, S Zeta's grenades are homing. This weapon's curve is really nice, which allows S Zeta to shoot these missiles from behind cover. These homings also do very nice damage and reloads once you fired both shots, so you should use this whenever you can. This homing generally would be used in midrange, since the homings might not home to someone when they are in melee range. This weapon is blocked by thins like Ps Armor and Veteran Sniper.

-In KR-
In KR the reload was nerfed a bit, but only that. It doesn't change the weapon much, except that you just can't shoot as much as before.

HP: 2000
Effect: blocks 50% damage

Standard issue shield. Pretty much all there is to it.

Special Attack: Melee

The power within the Zeta unleashes and Zeta uses it's large beam saber. Does average melee sp damage, but like AS Zeta, it has some sort of SP damage increase in skills. More on that later.

[MODE 2]

S Zeta transforms into Waverider mode. In this mode, S Zeta gains MA properties, meaning you will stay in the air longer and can use the V key to descend quicker.

Boost Duration
Horizontal: 3.7 seconds
Vertical: 3.7 seconds
Search Distance: 3800

Waverider Crash
Damage: 350*16= 5600
Range: 650
Ammo: 1
Reload: ~13 seconds/crash

S Zeta's signature and selling move. S Zeta 9/11s into enemies with a pink field around him. This weapon can hit on top and bottom of Waverider, giving it quite a big hitbox. This weapon can also hit 2 enemies together: side by side or back to back.This weapon also does insane damage; the highest damage of all dash attacks out there. This will hurt even rocks, and will hurt a crap ton on papers. The reload of this weapon is very fast, and immediately starts to reload the moment you use it. You should show no mercy and use this whenever you have the chance to. Also, this weapon does stun. Yes, it means you can fight MAs. See a SR Dendro exposing it's back to you? Ram it, and see an explosion (literally) of results.

-In KR-
In KR, like it's homings the reload got nerfed, but nothing happened to it's attack. It's new reload speed makes it so you don't 9/11 into people a lot, but it still does it's huge damage. Show no mercy!

Hyper Mega Launcher
Damage: 2150
Range: 4500
Ammo: 1
Reload: ~10 seconds/ammo

S Zeta's long range weapon. Makes you immobile when you shoot, and KDs enemies. This weapon does nice damage and reloads pretty fast. Thats pretty much all there is to it. This weapon is blocked by I-Field and Veteran Infighter.

Special Attack: Beam

Zeta's Hyper Mega Launcher shoots a fat beam for a while. Works great as a team SP.


Newtype Awakening

When the unit's health drops below 40%, the unit's movement speed(+10%), speed (+2.4), search distance, boost duration (50%), and boost recovery (25%) are increased and enemy positions are shown on the radar. (sdgowiki and olgame)

At 40%, S Zeta turns into a speed demon. If you thought S Zeta wasn't fast enough (you must be crazy) this makes S Zeta very fast. Radar is also nice, which allows you to use your weapons more effective.

Kamille's Thoughts

When the unit's health drops below 35%, the unit's attack (+6.0), defense (+1.5), agility (+7.0), boost speed (+2.4), boost duration (+30%), boost recovery (50%) search distance, special attack damage (+20%) are increased and the unit takes reduced damage from beam weapons (50%). (sdgowiki and olgame)

This skill is insane. It makes S Zeta even more faster with a ton of boost, and also increases attack by 6.0! Defense is increased slightly, but it also gains a I-Field to increase survivability. You get this skill when your HP is lower than 35%, which is very low. You should be very careful yet also aggressive to take full advantage of this skill. S Zeta's hit & run style really shines when both of it's skills are on.


You're a scissor, so you should stick to your role. Help support your teammates by giving them cover fire and team shooting with your beam rifle and homings. Your team decides to push, go with them. Zeta can fight at the front lines really well. If something is getting close and poses a danger to you or your team, switch into Waverider mode and crash the guy. In Waverider mode, you gain MA properties so use the V dash to your advantage. You can easily hop over an approaching enemy, use V to quick descend and ram his ass; most suits are usually crippled or dead when you crash into their back. If the enemy doesn't die, and your team is focused on something else, you can use your flashlight to KD him, move away and regroup. The flashlight doesn't necessarily always need to be used for long ranges.

Use cover at all times! Especially when you have your skills active. Even if S Zeta gains an I-Field, if S Zeta is out in the open it can get teared apart. S Zeta's rifle and homings are great weapons for poke shooting; so use cover at all times! When a rock is coming at you, either retreat to where your teammates are (you should avoid being alone), or take the risk and 9/11 him, then KD him and move back to your team. Avoid being by yourself!

Also, Waverider Crash doesn't necessary have to be a damage dealing weapon. Since it's reload is superb, you can use this to get to an area faster in shorter time.


-ambushing rocks
-Shooting rocks
-bullet zeros

Pretty much watch out for things that will pop out of nowhere and melee you. S Zeta isn't exactly the sturdiest suit, and a melee combo will probably kill it. Bullet zeros are bad for any suit that needs to shoot, but S Zeta's reload rates aren't that bad. You'll probably manage.


- well balanced stats
- speed demon
- skills complement suit very well
- can do tons of damage
- great poke shooter
- enough ammo for most occasions
- mode 1 has a mix of both beam and ballistics
- satisfies the role as scissors very well
- has weaons that are in all ranges (short, mid, long)
- nice melee options

- defense is still somewhat low
- mode 2 is all ammo based
- only 1 ballistic weapon; 2/5 are beam weapons, 2/5 are melee weapons
- team support is quite crucial; S Zeta can't do everything by itself.

As you can see, way more Pros than Cons. S Zeta is a scissors and it fits it's role very well.


S Zeta can be played in so quite a different number of ways, so there's a few options for OC builds.

Full Attack
Hp Attack
Full Defense
Hp Defense
Attack/Defense for C OC

If you like playing agressively and like doing damage a lot, adding attack would be the choice for you. If you think S Zeta's damage is nice already and would like to live longer, add defense.

Adding Hp is whether you care about maintaining skills up or eating SPs; though I generally believe when suits like S Zeta are hit with SPs, people make sure that you would be dead before SPing you. If they SP you at high hp, and end up giving you those 2 skills, it might cost them their lives.

I added full attack. Call me crazy, but I enjoy fighting at the front lines and supporting my teammates with rifles and homings. If my teammates are being meleed, I R mode immediately and try to WRC the enemy's back. Your rifle and homings deal insane damage on unsuspecting papers, but you don't also have to pick on papers. S Zeta can fight off all types of suits generally well.


insert vids (meaning I haven't taken a video yet loooool)


S Zeta is a very fun scissor to play. With a mix of good range and melee options, S Zeta ends up being a versatile suit. Even after being released for about 9 months and meeting all those stuff like 00R, V2AB, HWS and all those top tier suits S Zeta still holds strong to this day. AThanks for reading my article!
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