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Default Good Daaaay Everyone!

: O Hallo people~! I am Jay and i like games : ] And stuff... e.e Anyway yes, I am 15 years old, i shall be 16 on March 5th (Hohoho... i feel old) I play a ton of different games sorta... well i did, until my computer got suckey, its out dated so for now i only play Latale until i get my new gaming laptop. Im sort of a noobie on Latale too : O So if you wanna play you cant expect me to know everything : ] I am a lvl 51? I think... Explorer, going to become a Gunslinger. Hmm.... Bleh making up random things to talk sucks.. so just ask me questions if you want to find out more.

~Geeze this seems so small looking at it through preview mode -o-