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Recette: I don't have Ring and Arrow on the same setups - the ENTIRE REASON skipping invincible is possible is because of how low Ring's casting time is. That's a lot harder to do with Arrow. Possible, but harder.

Infernal: Like Recette said, Aura of Mana is at its strongest when paired with an MP x5 Pet. I'm pretty sure that Regen isn't stopped by a monster missing you.

Both of you: The goal of this guide is to prove that you can still have Mist before learning any 2nd job skills even if you get Aura of Mana to level 10 before doing so. I mentioned in the guide that you have to drop a fair bit of offensive power to do so, and I suggested in the guide that you skip over your primary attack spell's booster skill until you've got a 2nd job attack spell ready to go.

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