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Aura is one of those skills that you use in those moments when you're not being attacked, or when you're just running from map to map. And anyway, you'll notice that both of the options I gave in the guide both have Mist of Mana as the goal at TM 51 as opposed to making Aura of Mana the central skill. It's useful, but not worth completely missing Mist for (as I discovered on my Dark Lord). The main reason Aura would be more useful to a 1st job character as opposed to Mist is the simple fact that you get Aura at TM 20 and Mist at TM 40 - and TM 40 is when you can promote to 2nd job, so you don't really get to use it during 1st job anyway.

EDIT: I wish Aura of Mana could be used in towns, too

EDIT 2: Recette, Ring's casting time is phenomenally low, as is its recharge time - you can have two rings being cast at the same time. It's not faster overall, but it's a lot less likely to get broken by being attacked - which is why the No-Invincible-Casting version uses Ring instead of Arrow.

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