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So my thoughts on the skills:

1: yay no stun, this is great for my hybrid buff but all powers really needed it really.

2: about time bunnys get an aoe, they discarded the skill type specifics ages ago when they made flaming fist powerd by ma, gave buffs a single hit powerful attack, gunners meele attacks ect so i like this tho im guessing the aoe range is like inferno blade?

1: does it need elecric to boost its power? still looks cool and now adds more att types to buffs (hope for dark & light attacks in the future)

2: if it can be used while sleeping then good way to speed up healing, this skill+pet recovery, is it just for poison or all dot based skills?

1: nice, will help out electric attack a lot, i like this skill, combine it with the dots and the sheeps element resist debuff skill for more damage.

2: lol it may be strong at master? Does it take a few seconds for them to return? what about the drops if you kill the monsters, will they vanish too? Good way to annoy ppl in pvp.

1: Kewl, how will it effect gvg as it can be used there? Will it take the kill away from the kill score?

2: priests skills cooldown times are bad and this will hopefully help.

3: good boost for dark lords, shame they didnt get a decent aoe tho.

1: take it that the 15 daggers hit randomly at the 5 targets but if a solo monsters gets all 15 then i will marry this skill for bosses.

2: This skills is brill, hope it works well with bosses.

1: Im guessing it will let you almost rapid shoot monsters which will compliment the regular shoot booster skill (think its overdrive).

2: good for mobs and pvp otherwise unless it lets you bypass banish.

1: wow this is a sweet skill and will be useful on some monsters and pvp too.

2: meh doubt it will be that useful really, i find the 2hcombo skill more useful than any evo skills, i ended up deleting all evo skills in the end.

1: unless it ignores monsters dp then its useless as it deals way too much damage to yourself.

2: sweet for mobs in chaos tower, i like this skill but cant boss with it

Not bad but they need to give lions and soul master better skills next time.