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Originally Posted by parudy88
These are the translations for the new info for the new skills.The details are still being reported by users, so it's not complete yet. Also, the names of the skills are loose translation, so they will be mostly likely named differently once they're updated in eTO.

I will be keeping my eye on the kTO forum posts!

The credit goes to OP here (무한 드릴 어드벤처~ 트*스터!)


Skill name: Break Free

TM LV: 210

Info: remedy stun status on self (may only be used when stunned)

Used by: Boxer, Champion, Duelist, Mercenary (260)

Pre requisite(s): Desperate Rally (Mastered) Burning Rave (Mastered)

Initial TM point: 8

Master TM point: Masters at lv 1

MP: 450 (lv 1)

Cool Time: 10.00 sec

How to obtain: sold at skill shop

Skill name: Flaming Wave

TM LV: 240

Info: Physical skill. Explodes inner Ki in a flash and damages multiple enemies around the user.

Hits 3 enemies at lv 1, 6 enemies when mastered.
450% skill AP at Master level

Used by: Champion

Pre requisite(s): Flaming Fist (Mastered) Counter Punch (lv 10) Upper Cut (lv 10) Bull's Eye (lv 10)

Initial TM point: 6

Master TM point: 4

MP: 320 (lv 1) 560 (Mastered)

Cool Time: unknown

How to obtain: Chaos Tower

WOOOOOOOOOOOW... is this like this 1st AoE skill for Pure Bunnies?

Hits 3 enemies at lv 1, 6 enemies when mastered.
450% skill AP at Master level.

Very nice.

Cool Time: unknown
What is that '5'? Is that the cooltime?

Many thanks to your translations.
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