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Default Sketch Sig Shop

Hello, my name is Sketch and this is my art shop for when I draw in my spare time. If anyone is interested in requesting a quick sketch drawing of your character, then fill out the form below and post it here. I only take one request at a time so please be patient. I will be drawing your sig in pencil.

Slot: Gaap

Sketch Color:
Personality or attributes:

I will PM you if I have any questions about your request. Please take a good screenshot. Character must be in good lighting, close up, etc. Post images of your gear, it helps with detail of your drawing! I can't stress this enough, really, a good screenshot goes a long way.

Terms and Policies:
❤ You must provide references/images.
❤ You may only use my art for personal uses.
❤ Character rights belong with the owner.
❤ Rights to the artwork belong to me.
❤ Anyone selling my artwork is prohibited.
❤ Don't claim my work as your own or modify it in any way.
❤ My signature must not be removed.
❤ I have the right to change my terms and policies at any time.
❤ I have the right to refuse or cancel any request.
❤ I don't take reservations!
❤ When slot is open please resubmit and I will add whoever POST'S first.

Example of my Sketch Siggys:

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