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Default MSoTW - Brave(Standard Test Type)

Possibly one of the most frightening scissors to ever join the game, it makes one imagine how powerful graham's brave would be.

Go look at olgame. All I can say is that its a near-perfect hexagon, with nothing much to point out.


Mode 1

W1: The usual scissors beam saber, 4 hit kd. Though it is fast for a scissors. Of course, not saying that it is bad, but you really wont need it much.

W2: A fine BMG. Good support damage. It is strong, but the other options are much better. Not rare to play a whole round without using this.

W3: BMG? It shoots god knows how many rounds of beams from the guns on its waist. The individual shots are not that strong honestly, but a pounding from all that is an unimaginable hit. Cuts a chunk of hp from any non-beam defense suit, regardless of type. Reload isn't slow eithor. Use it whenever you see the chance.

Mode 2 - A more mobile mode. Seriously mode 2 + mob up + TA is hax mobility. It really is a "fighter"

W1: The only weapon, and a good one. A beam zook with good range and penetration, like always. After the nerf, it needs a bit of ammo management, but between evasive maneuver, and switching to mode 1 to use w3, you will have plenty of time for it to reload.

Mobility Up: Oh, yeah.
Trams-Am: Attack, booster, and more mobility, and you get to be red. Pretty awesome.
Melee/Beam spec

Pound them with all-attack. It really hurts like mad

An A rank(AR rank rather) that should be feared, even if you are a rock. It has mobility beyond imagination, and the damage to put it to full use. It is not without weaknesses, for sure. Beam defense cripples it utterly, and it is a scissors in the end. Lack of curving weaponry is a bit disappointing, too. But you have teammates for that. You leave your counters to your teammates, and go rape all the other foes. This suit does its job, and it is one of the best at doing it. As long as you abuse that mobility and firepower, you shan't face too much problems, unless outnumbered.

Play tips
-Keep moving
Position switching, evasive maneuver, ambush, etc, you gotta keep moving. Sure you have a scissors booster, but booster management is a skill. You are friggin mobile, and you aren't invincible, so move if you want to live. Camping behind obstacles does work if the fight tends to be firepower-based though.
-You are a scissors
You don't have anti-flinch, you don't have rock defense, you don't have a kd beam, so watch out for rocks, especially ones like revise and white zaku. Point made.
-Target is obvious
You have the firepower which is near unmatched by most of the ABC metagame. In fact, none. ARPA, AR S, rau dinn, WEW, sure. But none of them can pound as much damage in such a short time as this guy can do. So while your team's rocks and other close-fighting suits are holding off the opponent's ones, you aim for the foe's cannons that can pose a threat to your allies doing their job and subdue them with superior firepower. Stick to your role, and the battle is won.
-Mode 2 is not dead
Even before the nerf, I saw people who stick to mode 1, using W2 and W3 alternatively. W3 is brave's selling point, sure. But mode 2 is its second selling point. Not saying the BMG is weak, but the beam zook is superior, and you get MA movement and better mobility. And for all I know, mobility is all this suit has when it comes to survival.
Some people tend to be stubborn when using spec. Sure, trans-am is a good skill. But no skill is ever useful when you are dead. Brave isn't a sturdy suit. You can do all the damage you want even without your skills, so don't hesitate to use spec when needed.
-Teamwork in pewpew fights
For all the firepower it has, it cannot subdue 3, 4 foes at once. If the battle seems to turn into a pew-pew kind of one, stick with your team.
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