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Default So you want to learn Aura of Magic early, eh?

All Guides that I make are to be considered a work-in-progress, as they are made with the combination of my own experimentation and theoretical information obtained from the Wiki. This guide can also be applied to Mana Shield instead of Aura of Magic with similar results.


Aura of Magic. One of the largest wastes of TM according to some. On one hand, I agree - there are too many 'useful' skills to learn during First and Second job that Aura usually takes a backseat, or even gets forgotten about altogether. Especially since only Heart's Grace (a Light skill) requires you to even know it at all. Yet, I find it to be one of the most useful 'useless' skills in the game.

Having said that, I am one of those people who doesn't like to carry potions around, so maybe I'm just a little biased.

Anyway, if you really, truly want to learn Aura of Mana before Second Job, you would need to make some key sacrifices.

(Levels listed are what they would be if you promoted at exactly TM 40)

Option 1 - Rings and Things
Mana Ring - 10 (learn at TM 20)
Cure - 10 (learn at TM 20)
Aura of Mana - 10 (learn at TM 23)
Bottle of Mana - 1 (learn at TM 34, needed for Mist of Mana)
Mist of Mana - 3 (learn at TM 40, reaches 10 @ TM 47)

This variation skips over Invincible Casting and uses Mana Ring instead of Mana Arrow, and can have Mist of Mana at level 10 from the TM gained by promoting (with either 4 or 5 points left over; I can't remember what TM you end up with when promoting at exactly TM 40, and probably varies based on how much % you had at promotion.) The reason for taking Ring instead of Arrow is that, even though Arrow is more accurate, Ring is faster by a wide margin and fits very well with not having Invincible Casting.

Option 2 - Arrow To The Knee
Mana Arrow - 10 (learn at TM 20)
Cure - 10 (learn at TM 20)
Invincible Casting (learn at TM 25)
Aura of Mana - 10 (learn at TM 27)
Bottle of Mana - 1 (learn at TM 38)

This variation takes Invincible Casting earlier instead of Mist of Mana later, and uses Mana Arrow instead of Mana Ring. You'll be able to learn Mist of Mana from the TM gained by promoting (if you're a TM Hound like I am, you'd learn Mist at TM 42 and can have it at level 10 by TM 51), and can bring it to level 8 or 9 depending on how much % you had at promotion. Invincible Casting is needed to offset the slow-by-comparison casting time of Mana Arrow.

On The Whole...

On the whole, Aura of Mana is much more useful to a first job character than Mist of Mana is, largely because you can learn Aura of Mana before starting on the Paradise Key Quest. The single largest drawback of learning Aura of Mana early is that you have to postpone something in order to get it, usually a fair bit of offensive power. I would recommend holding off on getting Arrow Rush or Mana Ring Booster until you get a 2nd job attack spell.

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