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No one is saying it was okay for Megaupload to do some of what it did (The illegal actions of the arrested!). It was a load of crap how they just shut down, and presumably, deleted everything hosted from the face of the web. It had pirated content on it, like just about any other data sharing site, but it was not a pirating site. It wasn't Pirate Bay, or any other site that specifically makes their purpose to obtain and distribute pirated content.

It was a filesharing service. And there were a huge amount of legit users, and legit files on there. It was not fair to just destroy everything when not everything was illegal, and I'm willing to bet most of the stuff was LEGAL. If it was fine blowing Megaupload up without allowing compensation for the legit users, then again, wouldn't it be fine to shut down every other type of data sharing site then? Mediafire, Fileshare, Youtube, Metacafe, blogging sites, etc. All legit services, with plenty of legit users. But I'm sure you'd have to agree, it would be a load of crap for the legit users to suddenly close those sites down.


Even anime in the west is really cheap now. You can get COMPLETE anime series for the price of one new game, or even less (hell, I just recently bought the Code Geass 1st Season complete collection for only 29.99 USD online). Yet I know plenty of people who still wouldn't buy anime.
Video games are the most expensive entertainment medium, hands down. $60 for a new game, that would last you 20-30 hours? Damn. Thus, it's not an achievement when something is as "cheap" as video games. Unfortunately, Anime in the West appears to be even more expensive than that. The first season of CG for $30? So, $30 for (I'll even be lenient with the time of each episode!) Twenty-five 25min episodes. That's about 10 hours worth of content for $30. If we get another season at the same price, it'd be $60 for 20 hours...the lower end of our video games!