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Vandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the roughVandol is a jewel in the rough

I've played SDGO for 4 years, and have had 5 accounts over the length of it. 2 on KR, 1 on JP, 1 on TW, 1 on NA, and I can say its' just one of those things where you'll feel like creating an new account when there's justifiable reason. For you who has played on TW for so long, there isn't much reason to move over to a server like NA as of just yet. Similar player base, less suits, same business model so where's the incentive?

For both of us, our positions could switch easily, especially with how young NA is at current. If they get their stuff together when it comes to S ranks, and actually releases things in order as opposed to TW, then it becomes a justifiable endeavor. Though if OGPlanet milks as hard as Wasabii in TW's infancy, then the choice is clear for me, as well as you being that TW will be the superior server.

While we both may have different servers at current, it doesn't entail that it'll be that way forever. Given a few months we may be playing alongside each other instead of different servers as of this moment.