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Default 1/19 KR balance patch


balance patch

new skills
trans-am(zabanya): when hp is below 50%, w3 reload, attack, defense, booster, booster recovery increased
twin haro system: when hp is under 60%, all foes shown on radar, search distance increased, mobility increased
tragic commander: when hp is under 50%, mobility up, all ally attack and booster up
mister gentle: when hp is under 50%, mobility up+latent potential effect
spirit of nataku: when hp is under 40%, art of fighting+fortress effect

nataku skill: fortress->spirit of nataku

full armor ZZ: after purge, high mega cannon added as w3

v2a: w3 effect changed to stun

char gelgoog: def, hp up. w2 reload up

gundam(hyper hammer): skill 2 is now veteran infighter, all weapon speed up, w2 reload up

gouf custom: w2 speed up

gundam mk-II titans: hp, def up, speed, agi, quick dash speed up

altron: w3 effect changed to stun

red frame: w3 damage up

red frame(fight unit): w1 speed up, w3 damage up, reload up

blitz: hp, def up

CR GINN: w1 speed up, w3 reload up

nadleeh: skill 1 is now attack up

HWS: w1, w2 reload down

the physalis BB Senshi suit: w1 speed up, w2,3 reload up

S zeta: w3 reload down, charge attack reload down

V2A,AB: beam shield block percentage decreased

AS S gundam: w3 number of hits, damage down

Brave: mode 2 w1 reload down, ammo down

chaos: w3 damage down

Wing EW: immobility to w3, mode 2 w1 reload down

to all rock/scissors suits with long ranged beams(regardless of what skill it is blocked by): range nerfed, all range of such weapons are unified for rock and scissors
rocks: T3, NZ, GNAE, IJ, V2A, 00, SSNW
scissors: aegis, bawoo, wing, wing 0, faZZ, RGZ, saviour, destiny, scikatsuki, V2AB, gazu L, SF, astrea, alvatore, verde buster, vigna ghina, S zeta, abyss, SR S, GNXIV, BR rezel, scirudim

for all rock/scissors suits with funnels type weapons: range nerfed greatly
rocks: throne zwei, rose, super rose
scissors: zeong, hamma hamma, dreadnought, sazabi, nu, SF, alvatore, scirudim

for all papers with funnel type weapons: range nerfed
papers: perfect zeong, all kinds of qubeley, x-astray, jagd doga, gunbarrel dagger, elmeth, pakatsuki, HWS, legend, parudim, ksha, pazabi, chaos, reborns, AS S, EXS, mantha, providence

posting it as a separate thread to not be overlooked cuz of the vids
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^all gone/currently have *v*
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