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IGN: StrykyX
Class: Raven lt_blader
Level: Derp
Guild: En Garde

God Gundam Done Right(SR)
Normal Mode
w1 - Fight (5 hits, can chain to 8)
w2 - Heat End (3 part combo, boost down ailment)
w3 - Bakunetsu God Finger (Dash Attack, slow ailment)
w4 - melee SP, chokyuu haou deneidan launches enemy to air, finishes with izuna drop

Hyper Mode
w1 - Fight (5 hits, can chain to 8)
w2 - Sekiha Tenkyouken (delay weapon, stun ailment)
w3 - Same as S god w3 but more lunge, no kd and control shock ailment
w4 - Ranged SP, sekiha tenkyo god finger

Skills(same as god)

Kowloon gundam (AS)
Mode 1
w1 - Fight (5 hits)
w2 - Vulcans
w3 - Beam Cloth melee combo (3 part combo, boost down ailment)
w4 - melee SP

Purged Mode(Master Gundam)
w1 - Beam Cloth Melee(5 hits)
w2 - Darkness finger (whip, bullet zero ailment)
w4 - Beam SP, Sekiha tenkyoken

skill 1 - mob up
skill 2 - undefeated of the east