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An angel soldier came along and bonked Olifen on the head, "You should watch your tongue, cretin! Respect the Yggdrasil!"

"I'll call this termite nest whatever I want to call it!" he quickly grabbed the solider by the arm, and threw the solider over his solider. Followed by placing his foot lightly on top of his head. Ahrima just simply looked at the scene.

"Looks like you have a bit of trash stuck against your foot, Olifen," she merely sighed, placing her hand against her forehead. However she may try to hide it though, she was pretty impressed by what he had just done. Albeit a little stupid. Hopefully none of the other people noticed it.

Looking at him, she realized how much he had improved in his abilities since she last saw him. Then, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed something weird slightly hopping towards them. What was it? "Olifen, you're the old animal expert. What is that thing? And what's a termite?"

He looked down at it too then.

"That, is a frog. And it keep coming towards me. And, a termite is a very small bug that was able to eat wood," the frog still made its way towards Olifen. He bent down and picked it up. The frog had little reaction to him. He slowly pulled open its mouth, and put a small amount of what was in the zombie vial, into its mouth. Now time to wait and see.