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Originally Posted by Crimsonred
SR Freedom ideas? (Could just call it, SR Freedom (Seed Destiny version))

Mode 1
Wep 1 "Lacerta" beam saber ( 5 hit melee)
Wep 2 Beam rifle
Wep 3 Full burst (KDs)
Melee SP

Mode 2 (Dashing sideways in this mode makes you do a barrel roll)
Wep 1 "Balaena" plasma beam cannon (2 shots, 2 hits to KD)
Wep 2 "Xiphias" rail cannon ( 5 shots, doesn't KD)
Range SP (Full burst, done upside down)

Skill 1 PS armour
Skill 2 N-Jammer Canceller.
There will most likely be an SS/SR freedom but it'll most likely be Meteor. However, if they were to renew Freedom, I would like for it to be something like:

Mode 1
w1 mid-range beam rifle
w2 twin shot mid-range railgun
w3 twin shot far-range beam cannon (immobile while firing, KDs when both shots hit)
Far range SP
w1 5 hit melee
w2 boost down/control shock combo (was thinking about the dash attack that he did in the final episode, but it wouldn't be pretty if it were to have a dash attack)
Close range SP

Skill 1 Phase shift
Skill 2 N Jammer Canceler

Also just wish they would renew Providence...

Mode 1
w1 twin shot mid-range left arm beam rifle
w2 long-range beam rifle
w3 5 dragoons (like the original)
Far range SP
Mode 2
w1 3 hit melee with large range
w2 shoulder vulcans that shoots like DX's and Ex-S' vulcans
Close range SP

1st skill - Crueset's Hate
2nd skill - N Jammer Canceler

Justice has 5 weapons, so why not let Freedom and Providence have 5 weapons?

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