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Originally Posted by Ezio
SS rank packages take about 4-5 months but it certainly will. (looks at SF now as well as previous SS ranks)

As for 2nd revise, yeah it was Mimi's Christmas present to me. And now I feel like a derp wanting one only to find out it will be a freebie later on.

At least I OC6'ed mine long ago.

Now I wanna make SF but S Zeta... HNNNG.

not really

PVP Event
Time: Jan 17th after maintenance to 23:59 on Jan 30th
The conditions for participation: Account Activated before November 30, 2011.
Activities: 5 PVP per day
Activity Prizes: Coins x10, Exp Capsule 1000 x5 + (BR) Astray Blue Frame Second Revise

yeah 13 days continously , that means if the internet b!tch us and stop working for only one day , no cake for ya

the last login pvp event was only 3 days and 3 matches per day

now they b!tch us for a continously 13 days with 5 matches per day

poor BanagherLink he wont be able to get his hand on 2nd revise this time too

and 10 coins rofl i'll roll 00R with that 10 coins !!!!!!!!!!!

if i get 00R with 10 coins i will camp my house for the whole luna new year fest <== a man's swear

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