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When Tamar sighted another individual approaching the golden butterfly girl, she stopped her advance and hid herself behind a wall of another building.

"...A Cthulhi...?" The sand ghost said to herself. What on earth was that creature doing here? She eyed her staff, which was fastly placed against her front, wondering if this spawn had hidden hostility toward the girl. And what vulgar speech he had! Well, it didn't matter to Tamar. In fact, she admired its spirit, not caring what others thought of him or how he composed himself. There was a smile under that bronze Egyptian vulture; perhaps the progress of this world had value of a mind like his.

Still, the apparition's teeth gritted as she watched and listened intently and stealthily: apparently, this Cthulhi was considerably powerful. Not that his kind was weak to begin with. He flicked a pebble at the rather aged pot the girl had carried, and it shattered as if a boulder dropped from on high intent to destroy the pot. Tamar was impressed.

She also did not expect his generosity. With a personality like that, who would? What surprised and caught her attention the most is his readiness to go with the girl on a whim, just because he wanted to replace all of her 'old' pots with his 'newer' ones.

Instead of compromising the situation, the desert lich thought to herself, this Cthulhi just made it all the more interesting. Perhaps fate had put him also into play, and he may be a valuable comrade in the future. There was a sudden excitement within Tamar's soul, but she did not move herself from her position. She stayed put, watching as the Cthulhi packed up his wares.

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